Why Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a hub for economic development and open for business 24/7/365. A city as tech-friendly as ours is the perfect home for change.


As one of the world’s most renowned destinations, Las Vegas delivers 24/7 excitement in the form of world-class entertainment and hospitality, gaming, dining and shopping. The city of Las Vegas, which encompasses more than 133 square miles within the Las Vegas metropolitan area, is also swiftly becoming a center of business for many reasons, including location and accessibility, tax advantages, climate and lifestyle.

With no state income tax and no business income tax, Nevada’s business climate ranks seventh among the 50 states, according to the Tax Foundation’s 2020 State Business Tax Climate Index. Additionally, the state does not impose estate, franchise, gift or inventory taxes, and there are no taxes on corporate shares with limited property tax increases.

Las Vegas is a thriving metropolitan area, home to more than 2 million residents who enjoy its parks, recreation areas, shopping, dining and entertainment. It’s easy to enjoy these amenities year-round, as Las Vegas experiences at least 300 days of sunshine annually, along with low humidity. Our climate is free from most severe forms of weather and natural disasters as well.


Neverending Transformation

We’re a constantly evolving city dedicated to pioneering new solutions.

The Center of Creativity

As a place that’s constantly reinventing itself, we’re the perfect location to pilot creative ideas.

A Pioneer of Innovation

Las Vegas has already proven to be a leader when it comes to introducing out-of-the-box ideas.

A Grassroots Mentality

Despite the neon lights and fancy entertainment, the wellbeing of our community still comes first.

Rapid Growth

Las Vegas is constantly on the fast track to bigger and better things. The city waits for no one.

Like-minded Professional

There’s no better place to pilot new ideas. Vegas is a city of thinkers and doers, all coming together as one.

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