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Policies To Further Mobility

Las Vegas, the region, and the state have developed and promoted policies to further mobility. The city has placed more than 123 lane-miles of fiber optic cable, which will allow for the implementation of autonomous and connected vehicles throughout the heavily traveled urban core.
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Nevada was the first state in the country to pass legislation to legalize autonomous vehicle testing, and the city of Las Vegas recently hosted a policy conference on autonomous vehicles, led by Governor Brian Sandoval, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and the Nevada Department of Transportation. Through all of these initiatives, our policymakers have been the tip of the spear; providing a protected, but progressive, environment for launching innovation.

By enhancing Las Vegas’ infrastructure through smart city innovation, we expect to deploy solutions that will enhance mobility, reduce congestion, improve resident safety, reduce our carbon footprint, and stimulate economic growth and diversity. The planning tools that stem from improved data sources and analytics in a smart city will allow us to not only overcome these challenges, but to also proactively mitigate them for many years to come.

Our Innovation Goals

Provide improved interoperability among all of our public service sectors: transportation, energy, public works, facilities and public safety/law enforcement through open-source data sharing, real-time data analytics and decision support.
Keep citizens and tourists safe and connected and provide them with a host of transportation choices and an easy way to pay for those services.
Catalyze economic growth through innovative partnerships that showcase technology to progress forward thinking and create fulfilling jobs for our residents.
Enhance freight mobility to bring goods into our city efficiently.
Provide reliable and energy-efficient transportation options that enhance mobility for all people. including low-income and senior populations
Support continued acceptance and ultimate ubiquity of electric vehicles (EVs) with unlimited access to smarter, more efficient charging capabilities
Establish a platform that not only showcases transportation technology, but practically applies those technologies (i.e., innovation) to make our infrastructure smarter

City Strategic Priorities


We will develop and preserve memorable public spaces and event facilities and promote public art throughout the city. By accelerating construction of the Medical District and citywide infrastructure, we will attract additional business development, and our private investment incentives will increase housing options.


Preparing our workforce for the future is critical, and we will empower our community with technical and vocational training. We will promote higher education by fostering business parks and employment centers, encouraging tech-based programs, and supporting the education continuum of pre-k to workforce.


By increasing public private partnerships and private investment opportunities, Smart Vegas will set its foundation as a prime choice for smart city applications. Our focus on financial and environmental sustainability as well as connecting all of our residents will cement our evolution into Smart Vegas.


Developing key relationships will help to address critical issues among under served populations like at-risk youth and the homeless. We will work to improve health and mental healthcare services as well as substance abuse support, and create opportunities for affordable housing.


We will support at-risk neighborhoods by planning revitalization programs and developing parks, recreation and open spaces across the city. We will provide a level of constituent responsive services in neighborhoods to maintain the highest quality of life.


Our goal of becoming the safest high-profile American city is rooted in improving our law, fire, medical, and judicial services with efficient and effective response times. Enhancing public satisfaction and reassurance in public spaces — particularly tourist destinations — will give our residents peace of mind.

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