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The city of Las Vegas is actively looking to launch new pilot programs. Our goal is to expedite your project to pilot and help you bring it to market fast.

Las Vegas is THE place to launch your pilot program.
We’re looking to work with organizations who can contribute to the greater good, have a lasting impact, and meet the needs of the city and its residents.

Here’s a little more information on the city of Las Vegas’ priorities.



Safe and unique ways to get around are a key to success. The city is working on plans to implement connected vehicle infrastructure and data analytics to enhance existing infrastructure. The focus is to promote safer, more reliable, and energy-efficient mobility options.


Improving the quality of education and expanding collaboration with universities will allow the city to support initiatives in both the arts and sciences at all levels of public education, which will help prepare a strong future workforce.


New technology advancements in connected and intelligent medical devices will encourage a broader view of health and well-being, and encourage diagnostics to preempt treatment. The city is focused on the Las Vegas Medical District, a place where research and innovation meet.

Public Safety

Public Safety is important to the fabric of Las Vegas. Innovative technology that focuses on increasing safety is key to a healthy future for families and business alike. For instance, technology that has the potential to inform first responders and increase response times for incidents could revolutionize how they locate, mitigate, and prevent incidents, resulting in enhanced public protection.

Social Benefit

Our social responsibility translates into a variety of programs for underserved communities, which will help establish demographic equity and improve the quality of life across all residential areas, including at-risk communities.

Economic Growth

Las Vegas is ripe for opportunity and growth. Between the great weather, lower taxes and interesting attractions there is something for everyone. New technologies and infrastructure from increased private sector investment are key to promoting new business models, encouraging operational efficiencies, and leading to new job opportunities that enhance public well-being.

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