Smart City

The city of Las Vegas has already invested  in “smart” infrastructure, having charted a course to become a smart city by 2025. Within the Innovation District, the city is working quickly to create a place where intelligent transportation systems and smart technology operate seamlessly to provide services efficiently to its 650,000 residents and 42 million visitors.

The city seeks to improve interoperability among all public service sectors: transportation, energy, public works, facilities, and public safety/law enforcement through open-source data sharing, real-time data analytics and decision support. The city’s aim is to keep the public safe and connected and provide them information they seek when they need it. The Innovation District will serve as a test bed for new Internet of Things innovations that will be deployed across the city’s vast metropolitan area.

The city has embarked on a ground-breaking public/private partnership with NTT and Dell Technologies that is leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) and edge analytics to help improve public safety. High definition video cameras, sound and motion sensors, and an array of IoT devices are being integrated and deployed to monitor a geographic area in the Innovation District creating a multi-channel safety solution.

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Public Safety

Innovative technology will better inform first responders and decrease response times. We will revolutionize how we locate, mitigate, and prevent incidents, resulting in enhanced public protection.


Economic Growth

New technologies and infrastructure from increased private sector investment will promote new business models, encourage operational efficiencies, and lead to new job opportunities that enhance public well-being.



We will implement connected vehicle infrastructure and data analytics to enhance our existing infrastructure. Our focus is to promote safer, more reliable, and energy-efficient mobility options.



Improving the quality of our education and expanding collaboration with universities will allow us to support initiatives in both the arts and sciences at all levels of public education, which will help prepare our future workforce.


Social Benefit

Our social responsibility translates into programs for underserved communities that will help establish demographic equity and improve the quality of life across all residential areas, including at-risk communities.



New technology advancements in connected and intelligent medical devices will encourage a broader view of health and well-being, and encourage diagnostics to preempt treatment.

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