The GOVegas mobile application is now being updated on a quarterly basis, this month look for new features that will include information about the municipal elections and the Mayor's Fund.

The GOVegas app is available to the public for download to a smart phone or tablet from the Apple App store or Google Play store. As a full-featured mobile application, the public can engage with city leaders and obtain information about city attractions, parks, arts, and cultural events right on their device, any time. GOVegas offers easy access to numerous city services such as the ability to check the status of service requests, to connect with your councilperson, to find available  parking downtown, and to locate public art.

The City has been at the forefront of engaging the public with the GOVegas suite which consists of this mobile app as well as a mobile website, Apple TV, Roku and Alexa skills. This suite makes the experience fast, clear and secure for the new "digital citizen" who prefers to interact digitally with City at times convenient to them. Install GOVegas mobile app on your iPhone or Android device today to take advantage of these features.

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