The Dynamic Location Intelligence Tool (DLIT) has been available to use by the special assistants to the city council since the end of January 2019. This tool was designed by Information Technologies Department through collaboration between council staff and administrative services. The DLIT tool (which is based on the ArcGiS Online platform) has given the staff Hands-on timely access to open data available from various departments within the City of Las Vegas organization as well as data from the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department. Since DLIT has been live, we have received a lot of great feedback on improvements that can be made. One of the goals is to make the tool useful for many years to come and for it to be the first resource when answering questions and solving problems. The main goal, however, is to bring this tool to multiple departments to help everyone answer questions and solve problems using open data.

 We provided our first release of updates at the end of February 2019.  Among the items released was the ability to edit their map notes!  What are Map notes, you ask? It's a way for staff to add internal comments as calls and questions come into their offices.  This way they can keep track of their internal status of a particular call right within the map.  The ability to update the map note allows them to quickly take notes and then come back to make updates such as adding additional comments and updating the original information entered.  Another request was for the ability to mark a note as follow up, no action needed, or resolved.  This allows them to keep even better track of the notes! There are a few more updates that have been added, but these are just a few that we wanted to highlight.  Look for more updates to be released soon!  

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