The City is embarking on an initiative to put city content (events, activities, news) on streaming media players, Apple TV and Roku.  By creating an official City of Las Vegas channel available from these two players, residents and visitors interested in our city government can access it anytime and anywhere.  The city channel on these players will stream video, such as City Council meetings, already being shown on KCLV-2 and posted on YouTube.  The paradigm of TV viewership is changing, with many people abandoning traditional mediums such broadcast TV and cable by “cutting the cord” so to speak.  The people will still be able to view city content via the city channels on Apple TV and on Roku.  The channels are being created in-house so that city staff will be able to modify the channel viewing experience at any time without having to rely on outside expertise.  This is just one aspect of multi-faceted approach to bringing information about city government to the public in a way they want to receive it.

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