The Las Vegas City Council established the Innovation District in the city’s urban core to concentrate smart city technology infrastructure investment. The Innovation District is meant to be the home of new transportation infrastructure and mobility technologies, allowing for the creation of partnerships with autonomous vehicle/mobility companies and with smart city technology firms.
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A Message From The Mayor


Las Vegas Mayor,


Las Vegas continues to capture the world's imagination as the city where anything is possible. With world class hotels, award-winning restaurants, luxurious spas, fantastic shopping, the finest golf courses and spectacular entertainment, Las Vegas remains one of the most electrifying destinations in the world.

Beyond the neon there is another Las Vegas for residents and businesses. We are building a world-class city that features the best in arts, culture and medicine, and we also continue to diversify our economy with projects like the Las Vegas Innovation District.

Las Vegas is an international stage for innovation and technology, hosting the massive Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) shows annually. Building on the strong tech foundation provided by SWITCH, the city of Las Vegas recently established the Innovation District to create a center for testing groundbreaking technology in the areas of alternative energy, citizen participation, transportation and social infrastructure. It will also be a proving ground for collaborative efforts between the city and its new technology partners.

The city is on the cutting edge of developing safe practices that enable automated vehicle (AV) implementation and innovation. Solutions to everyday issues such as traffic congestion, parking and accessibility are at our fingertips. With full-time staff already integrating AV technology and a demonstrated commitment to safety and security, the city is primed to be an AV proving ground.

Join us as we continue efforts to become a hub for new technologies that will be used around the world.

Scott Adams
City Manager

Scott D. Adams serves as city manager and previously served as a deputy city manager overseeing the departments of Economic and Urban Development, Community Services, Cultural Affairs and Parks and Recreation. Mr. Adams has also held the position of chief urban redevelopment officer and director of the Office of Business Development (renamed the Economic and Urban Development Department) for five years.

Michael Sherwood
Director of the Information Technologies Department

Michael Sherwood is the Director of the Information Technologies Department, which manages the city’s computer systems and technology needs. Mr. Sherwood also serves as co-chairman of the city’s Innovation Team.

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